AmigaOS 3.9

Amiga 1200 with AmigaOS 3.9

I installed AmigaOS 3.9. The default configuration of this operating system release is a desaster, if you ask me. The standard wallpaper, for instance, consumes about 1.5 MB (out of a total of 2 MB) chip memory. I also never liked AmiDock which, too, is enabled by default.

The first order of business was to get rid off the wallpaper and remove AmiDock. Then I installed Executive, MagicCX, KingCON, and NewIcons. Thank god I still have the disks with the keyfiles that Petri Nordlund, the author of Executive, and Kai Iske, the author of MagicCX, sent me all these years ago:

Executive & MagicCX

Now I have a clean Workbench 3.9 running at 1280x1200 pixels.