In 1990, I was twelve years old at the time, I got my first computer: an Amiga 500. I quickly discovered the wonderful world that is programming. After starting with AmigaBASIC I quickly moved to more powerful BASIC implementations such as GFA BASIC, Blitz BASIC, and AMOS. But it was on the Amiga 1200, which I got in 1993, that I started to program “for real” with ARexx, C, and Assembly.

Many of my friends were active in the Amiga demo and warez scenes. This is why I developed extensions (so-called “doors”) for the Amiexpress and FAME bulletin board systems. Some of these are still available on Aminet: dtr-fr10, dtr-l10, dtr-ql.

The Amiga 1200 was my only computer all the way through highschool. I retired it in August 1998 when I started my computer science studies. Almost 17 years later, in March 2015, I started to “do things” with my Amiga 1200 again.

Amiga 1200 in Translucent Case

Hardware Configuration