Speaking at Evoke 2015

The organizers of the Evoke demoparty asked me to present a seminar on my Amiga retrocomputing experience at this year’s event.

Here’s the abstract I submitted for the seminar:

Pang of Nostalgia: Now what? or: How to use an Amiga in 2015.

I mothballed (figuratively, not literally) my Amiga 1200 in August 1998. Over the years I often wondered what it would take to "resurrect" this machine that enkindled my love for programming and connect it to modern peripherals such as LCD screens or WLAN networks, for instance.

In March 2015, after being hit by yet another pang of nostalgia, I decided to finally start the project of putting my Amiga 1200 to use again. Little did I know what this would entail ...

This session chronicles my personal experience of getting an Amiga to run -- and keeping it running -- 30 years after the original release of the Amiga.

The last demoscene event I attended was Radwar 2000 15 years ago. I am looking forward to catch up with old friends from the scene as well as making new ones. See you in Cologne in August!