The Amiga Years

From Bedrooms to Billions:
The Amiga Years

A little over a year ago, in February 2015, I pledged my support to a Kickstarter campaign that had the production of a documentary film as its goal to tell the story of “how the Commodore Amiga helped influence a generation of developers to take video gaming to a whole new level”.

The digital version of that documentary film’s standard edition has been released today.

I am so happy that I backed this campaign because the result is worth it. Nicola and Anthony Caulfield did an amazing job telling the history of the Amiga computer starting with the inception of the platform, the design of the hardware, and the development of the operating system. All this is put into perspective by contrasting the abilities that made the Amiga unique with the capabilities of the machines that came immediately before it. The film uses an ensemble approach to tell these stories around the Amiga through a series of interviews with the designers of the hardware as well as the developers of iconic games.

Now I am waiting for Nicola and Anthony to complete their work on this documentary film’s special edition, which, I am sure, will be even more amazing.