RapidRoad USB

RapidRoad USB

The designers of the Amiga were far-sighted. The Amiga 1200, for instance, does not only have an expansion port for processor cards but also a slot for PCMCIA cards as well as a so-called clock port.

In the Amiga 1200’s day, there was not a lot of hardware available that could be connected using PCMCIA. Nowadays the PCMCIA slot can be used for network and CompactFlash adapters, for instance.

The “clock port” was originally only intended for attaching a real-time clock for time keeping. However, it can be used as a general purpose expansion port.

Recently I bought a RapidRoad USB expansion and today I finally found the time to install it. Connected to my Amiga 1200’s “clock port”, it provides two USB 2.0 ports. Installation of the Poseidon USB software stack was as easy as installing the hardware and now I can, for instance, use USB sticks to transfer data from my PC to my Amiga 1200.

As you can see in the photo above, the inside of my Amiga 1200 is rather messy at the moment. This will change once I find the time for the move to the new case.