Indivision AGA MK3

My Indivision AGA MK3 arrived from Individual Computers yesterday.

Indivision AGA MK3

I wanted to wait with its installation, though, until my CA-PSU had also arrived. Now that it has, it was time to remove the old Indivision AGA MK2cr flickerfixer and to install the Indivision AGA MK3.

Indivision AGA MK3 in Amiga 1200

After reading about problems others have had with the Indivision AGA MK3 on the Individual Computers support forum, I was a bit apprehensive about turning on my Amiga 1200 after I finished installing the new flickerfixer. But the greater my relief was when everything “just worked” for me before I even installed the new firmware.

And now it is time to iterate my streaming setup. Again.