External Disk Drive Adapter

External Disk Drive Adapter

Thanks to an adapter made by KMTech Design, I was able to connect my GoTek USB floppy emulator as an external disk drive.

Hardware Programming

I started to follow Photon/Scoopex’s excellent Amiga Hardware Programming tutorial. To be as oldschool as possible (without a real Amiga 500 at hand) I am emulating an Amiga 500 with Kickstart 1.3 using WinUAE.

I tweaked S/Startup-Sequence to start ASM-One after the system has booted.

Mac Mini G4

Mac Mini G4

I bought an Apple Mac Mini G4 (2005 model) for cheap on eBay. Now I have a machine on which I can run MorphOS.

PCMCIA Network Adapter

PCMCIA Network Adapter on Amiga 1200

The EasyNet PCMCIA network adapter that I ordered a while back arrived today. Its XJACK connector is probably the weirdest connector I have encountered so far.

Linux on Amiga 1200

I was able to successfully boot Debian GNU/Linux 8 on my Amiga 1200.