AROS on ThinkPad

AROS / icaros desktop running on ThinkPad X201s

I found a new use for my old ThinkPad X201s notebook: it now runs AROS using the Icaros distribution.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model 1 B+

My Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ arrived today. I will use it to run AROS using the AEROS distribution as well as various emulators, including Amiga ones, using the RetroPie Linux distribution.

The MIST Arrived


My MIST board arrived today.

USB Floppy Emulator

Amiga 1200 with GoTek USB Floppy Emulator

A couple of days ago I came across this website that explains how to reprogram the firmware of a GoTek USB floppy emulator for use with Amiga computers.

Today the unit I ordered from arrived and I tried to install it. “Tried to” because while it works I cannot really use it: I cannot close the case of the Amiga 1200 with the floppy emulator installed.

I’ll keep the USB floppy emulator and temporarily install it when I really need it.

DVI Backdoor Plate

Amiga 1200 with DVI Backdoor Plate

One thing that nagged me was that the Individual Computers AGA MK2cr flickerfixer’s DVI plug just dangled out of a hole in the back of the Amiga 1200. Thanks to 3D printing, I was able to fix that problem today.

A couple of days ago I found a design for an Amiga 1200 DVI Backdoor Plate on the YouMagine 3D printing community. Using the 3D Hubs community I found somebody with a 3D printer about 10 kilometers away from where I live who would print the design for me. The plate arrived today and fits perfectly.