Operation Dust-Off

My Amiga 1200 after "Operation Dust-Off"

I carefully took apart my Amiga 1200 and cleaned every part of it. In the photo above you can see the top side of the case and in the photo below the logic board.

My Amiga 1200 after "Operation Dust-Off"

And so it begins ...

My Amiga 1200 before "Operation Dust-Off" commenced

I had been pondering to “resurrect” my Amiga 1200 for a couple of years already. I even looked at the Indivision AGA MK2cr flickerfixer, which is required to connect a classic Amiga to modern displays via DVI or HDMI, before. But when I read about this piece of hardware by chance again today I finally ordered it (without checking whether or not my Amiga 1200 still worked or not) as well as some other new parts.

I knew that I would have to wait at least until the next day for the flickerfixer to arrive so I went to the attic, grabbed the Amiga 1200, and then started to clean it. As you can see in the photo above it collected quite some dust over the last 17 years.