Retro-Protect Dust Cover

Retro-Protect Dust Cover for Amiga 1200

My Amiga 1200 is now covered by a Retro-Protect Dust Cover while not in use.

Video Capture

Capturing A/V from the Amiga 1200 on a Linux notebook

I bought an Stk1160-based USB audio/video grabber for recording movies off of my Amiga 1200. Recording using VLC on a Linux notebook “just works”. Nice!

For the moment I have to use the Amiga’s built-in Composite video output while I am trying to acquire an Amiga RGB to S-Video adapter. Using S-Video should yield much better video quality.

Back After Capacitor Replacement

Amiga 1200: Logic Board with new capacitors

The capacitor replacement is done and today I received a package with my (almost) good-as-new Amiga 1200. The computer still works (there was considerable damage already under the old capacitors) and looks even nicer on the outside than it did before. In addition to replacing the capacitors and cleaning the keyboard, for instance, Stefan also repaired the screw holes and exchanged the LED board.

Thank you so much, Stefan!


MorphOS 3.7 on Mac Mini G4

A while ago I bought a Mac Mini G4 to have a machine capable of running MorphOS.

I have since upgraded the machine’s memory from 512 MB to 1024 MB and replaced its 40 GB HD with a 32 GB SSD.

Wrapped Up

Amiga 1200: Wrapped Up

The original capacitors in my Amiga 1200 are now over 20 years old. I was extremely lucky that the machine even booted after having not been used for 17 years. I don’t want to try my luck, though, and decided that it is time to replace the original capacitors as they may destroy my hardware in the not so distant future.

Stefan from Stefans Amiga Welt was kind enough to offer the service of replacing my Amiga 1200’s old electrolytic capacitors with new polymer capacitors. Today I packaged my Amiga 1200 up and will send it on its way to Stefan tomorrow.