Bert Jahn, the author of WHDLoad, has sent me my license key for his excellent tool. Now I do not have to wait anymore when starting a game installed using WHDLoad.

PCMCIA CompactFlash Adapter

Amiga 1200 with PCMCIA CompactFlash Adapter

I installed an PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter so that I can easily transfer data to/from the Amiga 1200.

AmigaOS 3.9

Amiga 1200 with AmigaOS 3.9

I installed AmigaOS 3.9. The default configuration of this operating system release is a desaster, if you ask me. The standard wallpaper, for instance, consumes about 1.5 MB (out of a total of 2 MB) chip memory. I also never liked AmiDock which, too, is enabled by default.

The first order of business was to get rid off the wallpaper and remove AmiDock. Then I installed Executive, MagicCX, KingCON, and NewIcons. Thank god I still have the disks with the keyfiles that Petri Nordlund, the author of Executive, and Kai Iske, the author of MagicCX, sent me all these years ago:

Executive & MagicCX

Now I have a clean Workbench 3.9 running at 1280x1200 pixels.

It boots!

Minimal Assembly for Boot Test

I have attached the Individual Computers RTC Module to the Individual Computers ACA1233-40 accelerator card and installed the latter together with the Individual Computers AGA MK2cr flickerfixer as well as the Kickstart 3.1 (V40.68) ROMs.

I connected the Amiga 1200 to the display via DVI and, without connecting a keyboard, mouse, or floppy driver, turned on the power. And waited for everything to crash and burn. But against all odds (at least if you believe some forums on the Internet) my Amiga 1200 came back to life.

The New Parts Arrive

Individual Computers ACA 1233 with Motorola 68030 CPU

Today the new parts started to arrive, for instance the Individual Computers ACA1233-40 accelerator card with Motorola 68030 CPU and 128 MB RAM shown above.

Thanks to Vesalia, from whom I already ordered Amiga parts in the 1990s, for the quick delivery!